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TV Unit : TV Unit Stand : Plasma TV Unit : TV Unit

A TV has become more of a display piece for exhibiting the taste and status of the owner than a means of entertainment and what better to display your pride and joy than on a perfect tv unit or tv stand. It is not unusual to have more than two TV sets in a home. While the TV sets in the other rooms are for functional purpose, the TV in the living room or the main room of the house is most of the times a display item. Complementing the elegance and style of the TV is the TV unit or TV storage unit. Popularly known as entertainment units or entertainment centres, the modern day TV units have almost completely replaced the age old regular ‘cart with casters’ TV stands.

The current generation of TV unit storage gives space for storing all your entertainment equipment to one unit; TV, music system, speakers, DVD player, and other multi-media equipment can be accommodated in a single TV cabinet or wall unit. The new TV units are trendy, spacious, functional, and come with a plethora of design and shelving options suited to your specific needs of storage, display, decoration, and space. The sizes and configurations of the TV storage units vary depending on the number of features and components they incorporate. Accordingly, there are simple TV unit stands, closed TV cabinets with more space for storage, and elaborate entertainment units that can be as high and wide as the wall.

Tv Unit : Tv Stand : Tv Storage Unit

TV unit stands come in a variety of size and styles; there are fixed stands, swivel stands, corner stands, stands for regular TV, plasma TV stands, and LCD TV stands. The contemporary entertainment centres add to the décor of the rooms and create a feeling of class and luxury. While the traditional entertainment units had elaborate designs, deep colours, and bookshelves and storage cabinets in addition to the TV storage space, which contributed to the richness of the room, the modern minimalist designs and soft colours give a touch of glamour even to the most common looking living room. Today, even the TV sets have changed its style; plasma and LCD TVs are the new market leaders. Specially designed plasma TV units and LCD TV stands are available that can accommodate even the widest screens and heaviest sets.

LCD and Plasma TV Units and Stands

The materials used also show great variety. You can choose from TV units made from solid wood, wood veneers, laminates, MDF, metals, etc., and they are available at varying price ranges. Metal and glass combination is also a favourite among many.